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Riders' views are really important to us as they help us to shape & improve the event from year to year, and the feedback we receive is always very much appreciated. Thank you.



A perfectly-balanced route with varied countryside, quiet lanes, decent climbs and stunning views.

Drew Hope - 'Awesome'



10/10 - excellent organisation, marshalling, facilities, food, directions, and route.

Andy Steed - 'Awesome'




The optional route was an absolute killer - but well worth it! The ride was well organised and awesome to participate in.

Kristyan Avery - 'Awesome'




Fantastic in every way, and excellent organisation - my fifth ride with the GWR, GER and Lakes & Lumps.

Achara Western - 'Awesome'



Amazing event. Challenging but fun…the free beer and burger at the end were much appreciated. I had the best day.

Annie Noble-Denny - 'Awesome'


An absolute quality event, faultless organisation, excellent communication from the moment you sign up, a stunning and challenging route with perfect signage, brilliant marshals, and riders even further rewarded with food, drink and proper medals. One of three of what I consider to be the best events on the calendar. Bring on GWR and GER. Thanks again to Darren and the team.

Jake Goddard - 'Awesome'


Great morning of cycling and a great event.

Val Burnett - 'Awesome'


Awesome! Stunning route as always, and another outstanding event. Big thanks to Gary Harris Cycles for the great job they did tweaking my gears before the ride - they behaved perfectly. I had a great time despite the puncture just after the steep bit of the Gorge (so reassuring that virtually every passing rider called out to make sure I had everything I needed... thanks guys and gals!), leaving my water bottles behind in my van, then somehow missing the refreshment stop... See you again in a few weeks for the GWR.

Tizzie Chandler - 'Awesome'


Great day out, signage was superb, cake and coffee fantastic. Well done Darren and team!

Derek Crowder - 'Awesome'


Some tough hills near Blagdon but a great day out and so well organised. Lovely views. At 60 and 64 we were very pleased that we completed the ride. We would really recommend it.

Mary Edmunds - 'Awesome'


Well organised, friendly people, and a great route. Another super event from the GWR team!

Geraint Jones - 'Awesome'


Thank you all for laying on yet another great event. If knighthoods were given for what you do we would be calling you Sir. Looking forward to the GWR.

Steve & Martin - 'Awesome'


Good route with enough challenging climbs to make it an effort. Well organised and friendly staff. Nice to get a medal, beer and food. Happily recommend.

Dave Kelsey - 'Awesome'


Brilliant ride - all the people were fantastic.

Robert Vaughan - 'Awesome'


Brilliant event - well organised without being impersonal. Route was challenging but enjoyable. We could have done without strong headwinds - maybe the Organiser can get in touch with a Higher Power to fix that for next year. Great stuff.

Norman Webb - 'Awesome'


Great scenic route and just the right distance (for me).

Andrew Barnes - 'Awesome'


An excellent day out! Great route, well organised and very social. Next year could we please make the refreshment stop more obvious, earlier warning as being on a main road it was hard to turn into and some people missed it completely. Also, if possible add the cake surcharge onto the entrance fee as carrying cash is a pain if you forget!

Andrew Dempster - 'Awesome'


Great signage, great route, great info feeding. Thank you. One issue: the food van at the end. The queue was about 15 minutes long! I only wanted a cup of tea. There was only one person working? And doing both teas and meals. Inefficient. I and several other people just gave up as we got too cold and too tired to hang around that long. Food and drink at the end is really important but people do need to be served reasonably promptly, otherwise they get cold.

Tessa McInnes - 'Very Good'


Demanding at times on some of the climbs, good scenery and certainly got the legs pumping.

Vic Cox - 'Very Good'


Great ride, just as it says - it's very lumpy!

Robert Taylor - 'Awesome'


A few of us, and not just who I was riding with, missed the food stop. Yes I accept some responsibility but there could/should have been someone there to point it out. Despite this a really good and pretty ride.

Steve Wiseman - 'Very Good'


Great ride with lots of signage. Really enjoyed the route. However, the food stall in the morning was a poor effort, it wasn’t open in time for riders to eat before they left. A lot of them arrived early just to get breakfast only to be disappointed. Aside from the food it was a great day out.

Toby Watts - 'Good'


Excellent event today - thank you to all the organisers, marshals, cake providers, helpers. Really enjoyed the route except the extra, blue signed hill back up. Too steep for my bodyweight! The Yorkshire Pudding lunch was also fantastic!

Alex Barker

Thanks all for a fab event. Totally enjoyed this I seemed to be the only Mountain bike on the ride! Will definitely do it again! I found the experience hugely satisfying and would recommend it to all bikes at all levels- fabulous!

Richard Davies

Well done to your team for another faultless event with an amazing route and views.


Fantastic day and cake to die for (thanks to the amazing bakers at Chew Stoke bowling club!) Burrington Combe climb was a tough one, but a hugely enjoyable route and a lovely medal waiting at the end, many thanks I'll do it all again next year!

Mark Hawks

Must be something to be said about your events as I keep coming back. Another lovely well organised event. Thanks very much.

Mike Slater

Thanks Darren and the team, another great event with a great route. I somehow managed to underestimate the climbing! Big shout out to the ladies and gents at the feed station, very well organised and fantastic coffee and cake. See you on the next one.

Chris Gowan

Fab break at half time with the lovely ladies at the bowling club serving coffee and cake. The route was fantastic and super clean. Did you guys go out and have a sweep the night before? Not so much as a twig! Brilliantly organised as ever.

Christine Grosart

Brilliant to do the ride again. It's a fab course. Having just done a very flat Ride London (VERY flat!) it was great to have a ride with a couple of hills! Really great atmosphere along the ride. Fab food at the end - always love those burgers. Thanks for a great event.

Bob Callaghan

Really well organised and a well-earned pat on the back to all involved. Just one hiccup with a puncture just before Burrington; thank goodness for gunk-filled tubes, as it sealed itself within a minute and I was spared a tube change when really, really tired - worth every penny, just for this one occasion. Well done everyone. Can't do GWR this year, but looking forward to GER.

Shaun Dymond

Thank you so much for a brilliant morning out. The ride was really well organized and there was never any doubt on the route - so often I have done cycling events and worried because there wasn’t quite enough sign posting. The cake at the refreshment stop was delicious and incredibly cheap. If I was being picky I’d ask that the ladies serving were prepped about the fact that some of us are on the move and although we need coffee and cake, we want to crack on. I almost left as it seemed to take so long to get a hot drink. My only other little whinge is that the grass in the start area could have had more walkways mown through it. Most of us arrive in trainers. Walking through wet dewy grass meant my socks were soaking before I even started. Otherwise brilliant. Thank you.


Amazing day - thank you to all the random riders I met on the day and a mahoosive thanks to all the people who organised and helped run the event. Without you and your hard work we the mere mortals are unable to enjoy the events you work so hard to stage #roundofapplause.

Neil Everett


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