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June 2019

What's On Offer

We thought it might help to confirm what riders can expect on the day at the inaugural Mendips Lakes and Lumps Ride.

Obviously the main feature is the Ride itself - it's a stunning route and it's most definitely a challenge, but it's also very much designed to put a smile on participants' faces.

And to add further to that enjoyment level we've got a few extra bits & pieces to support everyone and make the day even more fun & enjoyable:

Firstly, we're delighted to confirm that NINE will be joining us as our Energy Food provider and their excellent products will be available FREE for riders at the start and also at our refreshment stop midway along the route.

And a refreshment stop is exactly what it is - the focus is on providing access to clean toilets and a plentiful supply of water as a quick 'pit stop' around the halfway point to help keep things comfortable.  As well as a further supply of energy bars riders will also be able to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee at the stop if they wish, but the idea is that people shouldn't linger too long as we'd like everyone to get back in good time to make the most of the festival in the afternoon.

And when riders DO finish they will be presented with one of our lovely 2019 rider medals, which also doubles up as their FREE ENTRY pass to the main festival site (worth £15 on its own!).


In addition, riders will also receive a FREE BOTTLE OF BEER at the finish (courtesy of Butcombe Brewery) to enable them to toast their achievement in completing the challenge.

And it doesn't stop there - riders will also be given a token which can be exchanged for FREE FOOD from the Cowshed Bristol at the main festival site, and there will be delicious meat, vegetarian and vegan options available.

So there's plenty on offer for people as part of their Ride entry, and it all adds up to a great day out in prospect so you and your pals should come & join us if you haven't already! :)

May 2019

Festival Details

The Mendips Lakes & Lumps Ride is one of the feature events at this year's Top of the Gorge festival and participants get FREE day entry to the festival as part of their Ride entry, meaning that they can also enjoy a great afternoon of varied outdoor activities after their morning exertions on the bike.


Importantly, it also means that there is plenty on offer for any non-cycling family & friends etc who might like to share the day with the riders (especially as it's also Father's Day on June 16th!), so there is something on offer for EVERYONE and a great family day out is there to be had for those who want it.


And the good news is that the full festival programme is now available to view - so you'll see what we mean when we say there's plenty going on and lots to see & do for cyclists AND non-cyclists!



And, of course, if anyone is tempted to make a whole weekend of it at the festival Ride participants also qualify for a 30% discount on weekend camping tickets (subject to availability) - a discount code is sent by email shortly after entering so if you want to take advantage of this please get entered ASAP as weekend tickets may well sell out.

But whatever else you do, make sure that you don't miss out on this fantastic cycling challenge! :)

April 2019

Rider Medal

In case you haven't seen or heard, a rather nice rider medal will be waiting at the finish for everyone who completes the inaugural Mendips Lakes and Lumps Ride this year :)

Hopefully you'll agree that it's a nice-looking little memento and, given that the Ride offers a spectacular & challenging route, the medal is there to serve as a permanent reminder of a great achievement AND a great day out.


The route itself isn't overly long (deliberately so, to allow time afterwards to enjoy a few hours at the outdoor festival too), however a good chunk of the climbing comes in the latter stages so it's definitely a good test and you WILL know that you've well & truly earned your medal when you cross the finish line.


All you need to do to get your hands on one of these is to make sure that you (& maybe a few pals?) get signed up for the Ride (enter below if you haven't done so yet), then get some training in beforehand if you can (the more you can do the easier it will feel), and thereafter it's just a case of going out and enjoying the challenge on the day!


And once you've finished the Ride your medal is also your passport to the main Festival site - simply show it at the entrance and you will be given FREE entry to the site to enjoy the afternoon's activities.


Riders will also be given a token at the finish that can be exchanged for free food within the main site, and showers will be available if required too - all part of the Ride entry, and more good reasons to make a full day of it!


So please do come and join us if you haven't entered already and bring as many friends, colleagues, family, etc with you as you can - and don't forget that there's plenty for non-cyclists to see & do while you're out earning your medal, so the whole family is welcome and very well catered-for!


So sign up NOW and make sure one of these medals has got YOUR name on it!

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